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GAA Pocket Coach

posted 20 Feb 2014, 15:13 by ballymacnab armagh

Senior player Brian McClelland has created and launched the first Gaelic Football coaching app ‘GAA Pocket Coach’ with the help of Kevin McGuigan. 

See attached a link for the App below.
Basically GAA Pocket Coach is a video reference tool for the 17 main skills of Gaelic football. It provides an electronic version of a coaching manual for each skill, breaking down each skill into step by step static images along with the particular coaching points at each stage. There is a video playing option which allows the user to view the skill being executed from various angles and in small motion.
The reason behind the development of GAA Pocket Coach is to provide coaches and players alike with details of each skill at a fingers touch. It is particularly aimed at coaches working with young players and beginners so they can provide visual learning cues. For the coach who isn’t confident in executing a demonstration of a skill or doesn’t have the physical capabilities of doing so. They could turn to the app on their iPhone or iPad to highlight the different stages of the technique and provide corrective information.
For players it is a great tool for self learning. It allows players to instil a visual image of body positions when focusing on executing technique. It could be used with and by players of all ages and abilities when trying to perfect technique and execution in practice.