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Pre Plantation Ulster History Talk in Ballymacnab (03/03/15)

posted 24 Feb 2015, 13:36 by ballymacnab armagh

History Talk on Tuesday 3rd March @ 8.30pm in Ballymacnab Hall

Cumann Staire Chill Chluana continues its lectures with a talk by Roddy Hegarty on ‘Ulster before the Plantation’ on Tuesday 3 March in Ballymacnab Hall at 8.30pm. In recent years much has been said of the Ulster Plantation. Anniversaries have been marked and the granting of town charters celebrated. The story of 'Ulster' it might be said began in 1609 and it has been one gradual journey of progress over the last four hundred years, interrupted only occasionally when the retarding forces of Gaelic Ireland attempted , and ultimately failed, to head off that progress towards, urbanisation, industrialisation and civilisation. This is quite possibly the impression one might get from the media and from mainstream history. However, the colonists who arrived in Ulster in the early seventeenth century were not arriving into a barren wasteland devoid of industry, civility and settlement. They were in fact exercising their newly won authority over a strong and organised society that had withstood the bulwark of Tudor conquests elsewhere on the island and whose governing class were conversant in European as well as Anglo-Irish politics. This talk will explore the question 'What was pre-plantation Ulster really like?' and try to answer some of the questions that the mainstream histories have neglected to ask.

Roddy, Director of the Cardinal Tomás Ó Fiaich Memorial Library and Archive, Armagh, has worked in the field of local historical studies for more than twenty years. He is a regular speaker at local history societies and occasional guest lecturer at St Mary's University College and Queen's University Belfast. He has authored books and articles and has been since 2011 a ministerial appointee on the board of the Northern Ireland Museums Council.